The Foundation committee comprises eight people, for of whom are independent of the school. The committee voluntarily administers the Foundation. 

The Foundation is a registered NPO, which is managed, legislated, and administered independently of the Inspired Group. We feel this allows our supporters and donors to closely identify with the Foundation and to feel some sense of ownership. It is also enabling donations to be tax deductible.

You can donate to one of our major projects, to one of our long-term projects (Bursaries and Scholarships), to your area of interest, or give an unrestricted donation which will be allocated to the area in most need.

There are several ways that you may assist to the Reddam House Foundation:

  • A Cash Donation. These can be made via a direct deposit into the Foundation’s independent bank account.
  • A Bequest. This is an effective way to make a planned donation and lessen the burden of taxes on your family and on your estate.
  • Gifts-in-Kind. These include a variety of goods and services which can be donated to the school (for example, professional services, building material, computer equipment).
  • Bonds, Shares, Life Insurance policies, Real Estate, and other Securities. These may also be donated or bequeathed to our school.
  • Join the 150Club

The Reddam Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation. Donations, therefore, are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A (1) (a) of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962 as amended. Donations from overseas can also enjoy tax benefits. Please consult your tax adviser for assistance with planning your giving.

As a general guideline, benefactors become Foundation Members if they have contributed, or decided to contribute, more than R1000 to the Foundation. This contribution includes any Gift Aid or other tax relief that the Foundation is able to claim. Members will have their donations recognised and will receive annual reports and accounts.

Reddam House Constantia welcomes support from individuals, foundations and organisations and would be delighted to discuss ways in which relationships may be fostered with potential supporters.

We pledge to treat our supporters with the highest level of care and respect. We have drafted our Supporter Charter to assure our donors of the integrity and accountability of our development programme. While we are happy to receive gifts which will support a particular aspect of our work, Reddam House Constantia cannot accept gifts when a condition of such acceptance would compromise our autonomy and academic freedom.


  • We will use your gift carefully and responsibly
  • We will respect your wish to assign a gift to a particular aspect of our work
  • We will use unrestricted gifts for such purposes as the school judges will best advance its priorities
  • We will promptly acknowledge your support or query
  • We will keep you informed about the impact of your gift and about our evolving needs and priorities
  • We will ensure that your personal details and donations are kept secure, and never share your personal data with other organisations
  • We will ensure that all our activities are open and fair, honest, and legal
  • We will respect anonymity, if requested
  • We will provide appropriate acknowledgment for your gift.