Our aim

To create a relevant learning environment at Reddam House Constantia which emphasises entrepreneurial thinking and tolerance. We aim to admit at least 10 fully-funded Foundation students are admitted to the school every year – and therefore a minimum of 50 college bursary students at any one time.

“What is relevant education?”

To maintain Reddam House's high standards, it is imperative that we consistently develop the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of our teaching.

In educating future South Africans to make a purposeful impact, it is clear that we need to place a much stronger emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking – and to do so within a much more diverse teacher and student-led learning environment. The future of South Africa rests on those who will initiate and lead our small to medium-sized businesses. Having our children identify and choose these opportunities is our task.

The development of the Reddam House Foundation, which will help fuel this journey, will be a sizeable challenge requiring its own injection of entrepreneurial thinking. In addition to granting many less economically fortunate families an unparalleled educational opportunity, the work of the Foundation will build our offering – a school that values and cultivates entrepreneurial thinking within a diverse and tolerant educational environment.

If you’d like to support our effort, you can donate on this site via Quicket – the brainchild of Reddam Alumni Jamie Hedley (to support our Foundation, click on the DONATE TODAY button - at the bottom of this page). 

To expand the network and communicate with a growing school community, the Foundation has created an easily shareable online magazine.

The CONNECT magazine profiles those moved by the purpose of the Foundation: parents, staff, teachers, students, benefactors - and explains how it plans to develop an entrepreneurial culture at the school whilst observing the Reddam motto ‘We Shall Give Back’.

The publication also carries content relevant to the public – establishing its place in the community, familiarising the reader with those involved who make a difference, and developing a sense of purpose through the act of helping others. Ultimately, we hope it encourages the support to share our excellent independent education with less economically advantaged families.

We invite you to make a difference!

CONNECT Magazine

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