Preparatory School, Reddam House Constantia

The staff at Reddam House Preparatory School is a group of dynamic, carefully selected teachers who deliver an enriched curriculum in exciting and innovative ways. Each classroom reflects artwork and projects produced by the students and other educational reference material. Classrooms are well-resourced and stimulating. We take a holistic approach to the development of the students in academics, culture, and sport, incorporating social and emotional development into these areas.

As an Independent Examination Board (IEB) school we are affiliated to the Primary Schools’ Initiative, conducting annual benchmarking tests in Grades 3, 6 and 7. These tests guide us with curriculum delivery ensuring the development of problem-solving skills, critical and lateral thinking. The use of technology in the classrooms is extensive and iPads are compulsory for Grade 6 and 7.

Academic Support is offered through in-house remedial education, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy as well as enrichment classes.

Art, music, drama and dance are offered across the curriculum during the school day by specialist teachers. The Preparatory School boasts 4 choirs and an award winning orchestra. The cultural extra-curricular programme is also extensive, including 4 genres of dance, chess and art club. Annual drama productions are of a very high standard.

During the school day and in an extensive extra-curricular school programme, sport is offered from Grade 1 by hand-picked teachers and coaches. Water polo is our flagship sport but our teams compete across the peninsula in hockey, netball, swimming, rugby, cricket, tennis, squash, cross country, chess and athletics. We encourage participation in school sport for all students.


The school motto, We Shall Give Back, underpins so much of what we do at the Preparatory School in the development of a social conscience. Projects driven by staff, involving all the children are carried out throughout the year, e.g. Knit-a-bit blanket drive and Blisters for Bread.

Reddam House Preparatory School is a lively, busy place where children spend a happy day, developing, growing and learning.




Reddam House offers an internationally respected curriculum, including a broad range of academic, cultural and sporting activities. In a secure, relaxed, self-disciplined environment we nurture individuality, talent and self-assurance.

We understand the importance of education; we therefore equip our students to face an increasingly challenging global future with pride and confidence by inspiring true excellence in international education.

Affiliated with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) – and offering a diverse, stimulating subject choice – highly qualified, dynamic, experienced teachers are the custodians of your children’s futures.


Our subject offering includes drama, music, art, creative movement, physical education, technology and xhosa.

Our subject offering includes drama, music, art, creative movement, physical education, technology, french, sports science and xhosa.

Our students participate in Benchmark examinations throughout the Preparatory School.  This exposes our students to different types of questions in a variety of styles and formats which builds mental agility.

In Grade 8 – 9 we offer the following subjects:

English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Geography, History, EMS, French, Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Design & Technology.

In Grades 10 – 12, students prepare for an IEB National Senior Certificate. 

We offer the following subjects: 

English, Afrikaans, Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, Geography, History, Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, French, Art, Design, Drama, Music, Dance, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, CAT, IT, AP Maths and English.

Our College students participate in a variety of Olympiads and Benchmark examinations throughout the College.  This exposes our students to different types of questions in a variety of styles and formats which builds mental agility; preparing them for the workplace.