General FAQs

We guide students to become happy and successful in a changing world. Students are respected and nurtured in a caring environment. We provide opportunities to explore and identify individual talents in a myriad of areas outside of the academic curriculum. In addition, we offer a global perspective, preparing students for the future.

You can contact our admissions officer, who will guide you through the process or apply online today.

Cultural, Academic and Sporting disciplines as well as humanitarian endeavours (which are instilled from Stage 1). We have a ‘We shall give back’ initiative each term.

We offer Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy on campus, as well as Enrichment classes which stimulate lateral thinking.

Inspired is a leading global premium schools group educating over 65,000 students across an international network of over 80 schools on 5 continents. As an Inspired school, Reddam House Constantia benefits from access to global educational best practices, global exchanges and exclusive international partnerships.

Early Learning School

We follow the Reggio Inspired approach, which offers a child-centric form of education through play. This includes uncluttered classrooms, that allow for a calm stress free learning environment. In addition, it includes the use of natural resources to allow the child to play meaningfully within their environment and inform their learning through discovery.

In Stage 1 and Stage 2 - Music
In Stage 3 - Music, Sport, Swimming
In Stage 4 - Singapore Mathematics, Muscle Mania and fine motor skills programme (run by Occupational Therapists in the classrooms to promote fine motor skills, motor planning and visual motor integration) Swimming, Music and Sporting Skills
In Stage 5 - Singapore Mathematics, Jolly Phonics, Muscle Mania, Computers, Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Sporting Skills and Swimming

Our teachers are guided by the needs of the individual learners and their sleep times are considered. This pertains to if and when there is a request for the child to sleep. This is permitted during the morning programme or at Adventure Zone in afternoon, so as not to disturb your child’s sleep routines at home.

For Stage 1 - 3, adventure zone is part of the school fee structure and operates until 3pm. Thereafter there is a fee. There is also an optional paid Kauai lunch.

For Stage 4 and above adventure zone is fully included in the school fee structure and it is open until 5:30. A meal from Kauai is also included.

Preparatory School & College

Grades 1-3 start at 8:15 | Grades 4-6 start at 8:00 | Grade 7 starts at 7:45

1 to 13 (including specialist staff)

Staff build curriculum to cater for the needs of their students each year. We consult with international best practice when developing our work schedules for the year. We use a complementary approach in our teaching of Mathematics - CAPS is complemented by the Singapore Maths Approach and we actively teach SM Problem-Solving Strategies.

Are a Google School. Students in Grade 6 & 7 use Google classroom extensively. Each student at this level requires an ipad. In lower grades, ipad banks are available to enrich learning. 2 computer labs are used to teach digital literacy and citizenship, coding and robotics.

Yes, Holding Class is available for Grade 1-3 students, before and immediately after school (30 minutes).

We have a positive discipline approach to discipline. We teach students to live by 3 core values (self-control, respect and responsibility). We have zero tolerance for any hurtful behavior.

This is the preeminent curriculum in South Africa. A greater focus is placed on critical thinking. It is led by an organisation of integrity and administration excellence, that grows the individual and differentiates them from the majority. It also eases their transition into the work-place.